Geometry sessions during the 2nd term: 1st graders

2d & 3d shapes

During the second term 1st graders have been learning new vocabulary and concepts about shapes: 2 DIMENSIONAL & 3 DIMENSIONAL SHAPES.

The first weeks we´ve remembered the 2d shapes: circle, square, rectangles, triangle and diamond, and also their main characteristics: sides and vertices.

The rest of the term we´ve been learning some 3d shapes: sphere, cube, cylinder, cone, rectangular prism and triangular prism; and also some of their main characteristics: faces, edges and vertices.

We have practised different oral structures to talk about shapes:

– This is a circle/square/….sphere/cube…
– The circle has got 3 sides / The square has got 4 vertices….

In fact, they are becoming in little experts about this theme, you only need to enjoy with their progresses:

2d & 3d shapes_1st graders_2nd term from Escola Can Fabra on Vimeo.

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