class 6

During the course, 6th graders have been working different authors and techiques.

-1st term: they made paints inspired by Andy Warhol  and Pop Art creations, here there are some pictures about the process:

-2nd term: the workshop was about “building an eco-friendy city”. They unfolded different card boxes and rebuilt the boxes again by the inside part in order to paint them better.  Pupils decided the colour code to paint their buildings: green for non-polluting buildings and brown for the polluting ones. Finally they placed  the buildings on the map of the city they invented. After that, they used an online design tool (Canvas) to design a poster with an inspiring message about being eco-friendly and they they displayed the poster around the school. It was a way of working on geometry 3D shapes and to reinforce the project about “Climate change” that 6th grade students had started.


-3rd term: the present workshop is about Sonia Delaunay, a painter and textile designer who lived during the 19th and 20th centuries and founded and art movement called “Orphism”, the main characteristics of the movement were: strong colours and geometric shapes. So that, we have proposed the kids to paint a sketch following the Orphism ideas and reproduce it on a bag.

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